Response From  Jim Rome Article:


Jim you have nailed it perfectly!

What really pisses me off is the propaganda Spanos has been spewing. And those who are sympathetic to this scumbag with their subsequent commentary & opinions of those viewing this situation from afar. For instance: “Its about 120 miles away, what the big deal, if you were loyal to your team you would make the trip” I have to say this is the most offensive statement of them all. Especially the loyalty aspect of the statement.

First of all there are countless teams situated within or less distance of each other which absolutely hate each other. Such as Baltimore to DC (about 40miles), Oakland to Santa Clara (about 37miles), Pittsburgh to Cleveland (about 110miles), Chicago to Green Bay (about 189miles), Philadelphia to NY City (about 94miles), and Both NY teams in New Jersey (zero miles) were it is rare to see a Jets fan also be a Giants fan. I believe most bitter rivals of all listed is that of the Philadelphia Eagles and NY Giants. I think this particular example will make the best analogy to help understand the San Diego’s hatred towards LA. It’s mostly one sided of the little guy vs the big guy. I’m sure the same applies to the Philly & NYC similarly.

.So what is the big deal between San Diego & LA? The big deal is that San Diego natives loath Los Angeles in every possible way, most of all its sports teams. The Distance is irrelevant, I’m sure Philadelphia citizens would agree. The distance separating those two cities is 94 miles which is even less distance. And Philadelphia Eagles fans passionately hate NYC Giants fans.

Lets hypothetically say that the Philadelphia Eagles owner was Dean Sopanos (a scary thought sorry Philadelphia), And Deano Big Time has had a Hard-On to move to NYC to tap the #1 media market. His prime motivation is not fan related but the need to inflate his ego with corporate luxury boxes (which cater to the non-fan) and will become a tool to pump his ego & impress guests invited backstage to his own private luxury box. And for this to occur he would need to poison the well in Philadelphia, He would need to paint the image of exhausting every angle and possibility, while simultaneously create a bad fan experience environment by refusing to allocate a penny to enhance the fan experience in any way, Proof of this is when he refused the offer from a SDSU (a state budgeted University) to go 50/50 on a new scoreboard and rejects them adamantly, because anything that would improve the stadium would be in conflict and kill and type of sympathy that he would need to show the league of the peril his business is in, Most of all because he could not spin the profits into losses the business has been made and making. Now Philly fan its becoming offensive, and it begins to grind on you.You begin to voice4 out your displeasure, but it fall on deaf ears. And now it is taking its toll with the product on the field. But still same deaf ears, you do not know where to turn. You want to do something about it, but there is no one taking the lead. You know this problem can be solved if the powers that be work together and eventually a actionable plan can be forged.

Vision, Creativity,Trust, Integrity, Confidence,and Decisive Thought & Action are some primary qualities of a Leader.With that said, lets for the sake of example and for the obvious disregard for its fans its cities citizens.the NFL in its infinite wisdom allows a somewhat radical plan to materialized. Lets say assume that the NY Jets are not happy sharing a stadium with the NY Giants and would like to accommodate a scenario which they would be the sole team in an established NFL market. And as owner of the Jets he would like his own new stadium and would be willing to finance a great majoritywith if done properly can retain a portion of their regional fan base also possesses the means to fund a majority of a new stadium. Ok, with this knowledge Deano has a vary rare moment of insight and vision that I should approach the Jets owner and see if he would be willing to swap situations.Deano can pump up his ego and feel like a big shot in NY City (New Jersey) happily being a tenant in someone else’s building.Knowing that he cannot play with the big boys to build his own. The NFL may try to extort funds from NYC to build a new stadium for Deano with those corporate luxury boxes (which cater to the non-fan) he  dreams of. Imagining he is someone important, Showing off! having various B-list celebrities and has beens, maybee he a Chachi Scot Baio can become buddies.

Dreaming, having Delusions of Grandeur Deano can see that he and his team the Eagles will be showered with love & adoration and embraced in open arms to NYC? Does that seem like a likely situation?  Hell no! Why you think that is, Ill tell you why ? because the cities name Philadelphia symbolizes and represents them. Not the team name.! The name of the city symbolizes and represents them. Tell me why would you continue to be loyal to the Eagles if they moved to NYC? You have no identity with an Eagle! You’re identity is with your city of Philadelphia which now has a new team the Jets? It may be hard at first but you do not owe loyalty to the ones that abandoned & deserted you.There is little sense in that. A few might, because they have grown accustomed to abuse. Ultimately they will because the only name that represents them is them is name Philadelphia and the Jets part is secondary.  That is why sports that are individually based, like Golf & Tennis lack the passion of city branded team Sports in the which fans identify with. You will never hear a golf fan say we won when a favorite golfer wins a tournament. But you sure will if it were a city name attached to it. This is obviously a dream scenario because Deano does not possesses the qualities to manifest into reality. It requires Courage and Vision and the path of someone can be Heroic.That’s not Dean! So what path will Dean choose? The path o f the Hero or of the Coward?

Lets take a closer look which fits the script, either take the path of the Hero or the Coward. Lets see which shoe fits Deano scumbag best.The path of the coward is that of the victim. A role which needs to become a sympathetic figure. This is accomplished by portraying the image of having no choice, a victim of circumstance. There elements beyond  his control, It is impossible to negotiate with the incompetent unbendable other side, in turn threatening the survival of my business. All are excuses. Excuses are the powertool of the Coward

The road of a Hero requires overcoming some kind of difficulty by possessing the insight to face the challenge and rise above the obstacles. Forging ahead through any seen and unforeseen elements, the tool of determination will bridge the gap. And if you should encounter failure the Hero grasps that failure with humility and accountability and gratefully converts it into wisdom. Because the Hero knows that failure is a tool that will deductively bring upon success.

A The Hero never sees himself as one, He knows that it is not an exclusive club.He is completely aware most obstacles are based on fear & the humiliation of ego. When effort is utilized in this manner it will become self evident.The genuine intent will expose the character to radiate and forge integrity & respect. The effort holds more sway than the results of wining. How one conducts himself in competition, the process matters, we value courageous efforts versus cowardness of cheating. Or to humiliate the opponent, serving only to sooth his own ego. Society places a negative value and as one lacking in character.

Sportsmanship, Fair Play, Integrity, Courteousness, Graciousness in victory & defeat.These are words we value positively.The symbolize Ideals of one who possesses Honor& High Character. A Heroic effort commands respect not because of determination, but because of the courage to face the fear of humility and rise above the self and sacrifice to ego to empathize with our common humanity. unity of the shared human experience.

Integrity and High character can only become evident through action and not words , Meanwhile the action of genuine effort will not be lost to the observable public and will be viewed as a Good Faith Effort. Which will give birth to Trust. Trust is most certainly earned. And to earn Loyalty requires that your must earn the Public’s Trust. When you undermine that trust you sabotage the equity of any good will accumulated.And when the time comes to cash in that equity, then the only course of action is of the Her!.The Action of Courage! Courage to expose the ego to humility and honesty. Acknowledgement of failure.And assume accountability,
To Own-It!


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