[ The NotForLong League]

NFL, It just business! Really? I don’t think so. It’s Bad Business!  Dean Spanos and the NFL extortionists time is numbered and are completely oblivious what good business is. The latest example is of the relocation of the San Diego Chargers orchestrated by the NFL and its buffoon of a partner Hollywood Dean Spanos. Goes to show the BS they present about the NFL represents family values and football. I don’t think so, a comedy maybe. They are far from family values, they are 100% about blind greed. There is no way possible to spin it otherwise. Has there ever been a situation in which a business that has been entrenched and supported for 56 years ripped from a community. It is a first! On top of that the city being relocated too, is adimately rejects that team. This is proven true with by the lack of fanfare. Any other city would roll the red carpet, throwing them a welcoming parade and possibly a city proclamation naming that day after the team.

Let me try to explain to those they are viewing this particular situation from afar. It is best to use an analogy which might capture the essence of the situation. This analogy may help to dispels the notion that they are only moving 120 miles away, so what is the big deal? The big deal is that San Diego natives loath Los Angeles in every possible way, most of all its sports teams. The Distance is irrelevant, to support this thought I will venture to say it is the equivalent to Philadelphia’s hatred to New York city sports teams. I’m sure Philadelphia citizens would agree. The distance separating those two cities is 94 miles which is even less distance. 

 City for yearsLets hypothetically say that the Philadelphia Eagles owner was Dean Sopanos (a scary thought sorry Philadelphia) and he has had a Hard-On for NY. Also lets say Philadelphia was still in their old stadium and needs a replacement. So being that your Dean Spanos you are oblivious to your surrounding economic climate and decide to press the public into financing a stadium almost entirely with public funding during the biggest financial crisis’ since the great depression, where people are having their homes foreclosed on, which people have their entire pensions wiped out. Meanwhile, the scumbag Corporate criminals that created the crisis get bailed out by the government.
With all is unfolding, Hollywood Dean observes, takes measure and analyzes what course of action would be next. He cleverly notices that the Billionaires that have created the crisis are being handed millions for screwing up. Observing and taking notes, he sees CEO’s giving themselves bonuses from the bailout money, rewarding themselves for being so clever in creating the catch phrase of:“Too Big to Fail” expressing how vital they are to the economy. The public has no choice and must bail them out. And they did! Wow! Deano believes that the same applies to him and his cartels importance and that the
NFL is “Too Big to Fail”.

The visionary that is Dean Spanos sees Opportunity knocking and decides this is the time to strike, I must sneak in line and get mine. Deano believes this is cunning and brilliant, but the Philadelphia citizens take this as an insult & are offended, causing them to believe that this guy and the NFL cannot be this out of touch. Consequently the public rejects the poor billionaire beggar boy. Deano does not react well, you see Deano has been on Nepotistic Welfare. He has never had to struggle to earn a buck his entire life, he can’t help it, he is the victim of inheritance. So what does Deano do next? Deano is like an elephant he doesn’t forget his rejection, misguided as it is. Reality for us, is something different from what is to Deano. So when Dean is denied the public funds he takes it as rejection, and that rejection becomes spite in his eyes.

So Philadelphia, Ole Deano is going to hold a grudge and instead of trying to build-up good will with the fans and political capital with the city government, scumbag Dean begins to employ his new strategy. That of these people are impossible to work with and the fans are a bunch of whiners expecting a good team. Don’t mess with Dean now he will show you he is going to bend over backwards and poison the well. He will not spend anything but the bare minimum. He is going to create an environment so that he becomes the victim and has no choice but to leave Philadelphia and root himself in New York City where he is not wanted. Does that sound like someone operating under good faith? 

Tell me any business any where and in time were you abuse and slander your customers, produce an environment which there customers voice and  feedback to the product only produces contempt. A business which is oblivious in the importance of communication and its relation to the public. A business that shows little effort to make the customer feel they are doing all they can to produce a good product & maintain the building which house their business. A business in which arrogance is preferred over humility. A business that takes for granted undying loyalty without cause and lacking an ounce of reciprocation. A business that neglects and violates the public trust will not survive, cannot survive.

“It’s just business!” bad business! A real favorite of the so-called businessman propaganda phrases.What exactly does that mean?. It is a card that is pulled out solely when a businessman has to justify a negative situation. It is an excuse to justify something unethical, and is a way for the businessman to release any kind of guilt, a way to clear their consciousness. I have yet to see it used in any positive way.

Another favorite one is the use of: “the bottom line”. This one is a beauty, it is symbolic of a ribbon or the seal of the package, which it is too late to reverse it.The package is already sealed. It is presented as there are circumstances beyond their control. It is also a way to deflect any kind of blame. Like they had no choice. The bottom line has forced them. It is the instrument which is used to portrait sympathy at times going as far as they are victims of circumstance. Pretty clever way to justify bad behavior. These are the tools of the coward. Guilt is solely produced entirely by the individual, and is tracer marking them as they believe they has done something wrongful and regrettable..

The NFL is a cartel, which has cloaked itself with catch phrases and clever symbolic common sayings businessmen say. The NFL is private non governmental agency which operates as a cartel, employing various strong-arm extortion tactics to extract funds from the public &.their local governments The NFL is a partnership between the league and the public.Therefore making it become a public trust. A public trust first a business 2nd. So a public trust such as if you were to use a commercial airliner which is a business, and you are placing your trust to the pilot that he will act in the best interest to fly the plane safely to your destination. You primarily offer this trust in good faith knowing that he values his own life not to crash the plane, but what if the pilot had a parachute without your knowledge and  prepares to bail out in mid-flight, leaving you and your fellow citizens in a death spiral. I do believe that would be a violation of the public trust. Well sounds like an unlikely analogy to be related to anything related to the NFL.
Oh but wait, Scumbag Deano did just that, only we the public did not have the option to fly on a different plane or airlines we were stuck with a pilot who could not even fly a paper airplane. Like a rat secretly making deals to relocate to Carson with their primary rival. Goes to show what little he understands why a loyal fan would be offended by that. I do believe it is a sure way to build distrust. But that was part of Deano’s poison the well policy at every turn, somehow painting himself a sympathetic victim, and the bottom line, he had no choice, his hands were tied. What a scumbag and most of all the all mighty NFL Shield Cartel backing such inept partner. Be a man and sell the team if you cannot finance your own building to operate in, the business is too big for you. Have some dignity, no one can empathize with a billion dollar beggar, apparently neither can the members
of his own club.

As for the NFL Shield Cartel you better recognize your house of cards his held up solely by the fans loyalty to your product. In an age of data and stats you surely are aware that a consistent 56 year track record of loyalty in spite of the incompetent captains best effort to sabotage his customers is statistically solid. So then tell me what is the strategic logic behind Deanos golden business plan. If I were to say to an outside observer that my plan was to alienate and insult my loyal generational fan base of customers were i have data to back a predictable return, which I am still making a consistent profit, in exchange for first applying a half of a billion dollar debt to my business to be a tenant in a building I could not occupy till 2019 and in which i have would no equity stake in within a region that my primary rival has at least a generation of deep seeded roots, which you would be hard pressed to convert their loyalties, especially when you modeled what loyalty means to you. Even Raider fan is not that stupid. In fact their loyalty is to commended.

NFL take note, you may hold the shield, but the fans hold THE SWORD!
Your are by design in the position of dependence, of weakness, it is proven the power has always been in the customer’s hands. Your house of cards was built on the backs of the players and most of all the fans hard earned cash. So who has the power. We the people do. It is time to humble these greedy scumbags and see how they’re shield protects them.
Its time the wield that sword and cut down their house of cards. These arrogant extortionist need to be humbled. We must take power back! and resist the NFL cartel, trust me you will be amazed at the results.It’s time to wield our power to boycott all viewing and purchasing of anything related to the Not For Long League, regardless of team affiliation. It will be for your benefit.

May suggest a better phrase to adopt than “the bottom line, it’s just business:”
True enough, NotForLong business if it continues disrespect the one holding the sword. Remember” Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely” so therefore “With great power comes great responsibility”!



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